I hear you're looking for a job?

POSTED BY: JaeneenCunningham

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Think of all the things you need and want in your work or business and then think of the ways you could get them.

One of the best ways to achieve those things would be to have people offer them to you – wouldn’t it? When someone hears you say, I need this or that, they offer a solution that goes some or all the of way to helping you. How good would that be? To have people ask you how they might help you; to have someone genuinely inquire about the projects you’re involved in and then informing you about the contribution they could make or the person they could introduce you to.

 "I hear you’re looking for a job? I know someone who would be interested to meet you”

How good would it be to hear some one say that to you if you were at a stage in your career when you were looking for work? 

This kind of offer to help would be great, not only for employment and career opportunities but for all the other things you might be seeking in your work or business.

How then that you might find yourself on the receiving end of offers like the ones above?

First, to improve your chances of such things happening, you would probably need a reasonably extensive network of contacts. It’s statistically obvious that it’s much more likely that a job offer will materialise if you know enough people. 

Second, those contacts would need to know you and also trust you because they risk their reputation when they refer you. But, if you’re like most people this will be a problem because most people concede their networks are too small, too homogeneous, too inwardly focused and too much the result of accident rather than choice.This is not determined by occupation or management level. Our research and experience tells us that people from all walks of life often demonstrate extremely limited networking depth.

So if you’re like most people you need a better network. But ask yourself why do you want to
build a better network? Is it to get a better job, more leads, more sales, or more whatever it is you're looking for? This is what networking is about after all – isn’t it? 

Paradoxically not, not in the beginning. If you want to become a valuable member of a network, the kind of member that attracts the things you're looking for, you need to do the opposite – you need to focus on what other people need and what you can give rather than what you can get.

Rich, well operated networks, the kind you want to be part of, facilitate the flow of resources. If a network exits and it’s not promoting exchange then it’s not a network - its a collection of names in a Rolodex . Fixating on what you can get doesn’t initiate movement toward you. Rather it’s your generosity towards others that generates the movement of resources towards you. It’s your willingness to give that stimulates interest in you: your ability to focus on the needs of other people that will ultimately create interest in you and what your needs are.

I hear you’re looking for a better way to network and might have something to give? I know a group that would be interested to meet you.