Understanding the Value of Social Media for Your Brand


What do you do when you hear words such as Coca Cola, Adidas or Westjet? Words like this tend to provoke certain set of emotions we have towards the companies we buy from. While these companies have been building their brands for quite a long time, during the last decade all of them started to pay special attention to the use of social media for branding. And if you’re running your own business, following the example of big companies and turning to social media for branding really is a good idea. If you’re still not convinced that this is the right move, make sure you check out are 5 reasons why social media is valuable to your brand.



It allows you to use networks that support your campaign

Right now, we have plenty of social media channels people use. In fact, a lot of them uses more than one social media channel. What this means for your company is that you can choose networks that support your other branding efforts. Still, this is going to require some consideration since you’ll have to identify the ones that’ll do the trick for your brand. For example, LinkedIn is a network that has been specially designed to help you grow your professional network. So, if you want other businesses to find out about your brand, this is the network to go for.

It helps you create a real community

As a brand owner, you shouldn’t necessarily aim at having a large number of followers. Instead, what you want to is create a community and that’s where social media comes in handy. Networks like Facebook and Instagram are the place where people who follow your pages will discuss your products and posts, thus helping you to create a community for your brand. Of course, if you want to do this, you’ll have to encourage your followers on social media by sharing interesting posts and starting discussions.



It gives you a chance to use visuals

There’s no need to say that visuals play a huge role in how successful your brand is going to be. In fact, you can hardly design a brand if you don’t have a logo and color scheme for it. And social media is just a perfect place to share your visuals. For example, if you use Facebook to stay in touch with your customers, you can use your logo as your profile picture and include a lot of valuable visuals in your cover picture. If you don’t have an employee who’s in charge of visuals, you can always turn to experts who’ll design these for you.

It can be analyzed

Another great thing about using social media for branding is that you can easily analyze it. What this means is that you can track your social media branding efforts and decide what works the best for your brand. Moreover, you can figure out which activities don’t help you when it comes to branding and start investing in something else instead. Of course, analyzing your social media efforts is never going to be easy. That’s why we recommend turning to experts who use social media analytics to help you improve your social media efforts.

It doesn’t require too much money

Finances sure are an important thing when it comes to branding. Usually, the more money you invest the better your brand will do. However, using social media is extremely cheap but can still do wonders for your brand. That’s why it’s very important to use social media as soon as you create your brand. The only things you’ll have to pay for are experts who’ll design your visuals and those who’ll keep track of your social media efforts. Of course, if your budget allows you, you can also invest in paid Facebook or Instagram advertising.

To sum up, social media has become a key aspect of marketing for brands. So, if you’re brand still doesn’t have a social media policy, make sure you start working on it as soon as possible