Hone your business survival instinct

‘The reason we get so fatigued with change is because we don't know how to deal with it.'

Behavioural Scientist Darren Hill has made a career of researching how we behave in business, and revealing the keys to business survival.

‘Change is arguably the most natural phenomena known on this planet. All matter is, in some way, in perpetual change. It’s only when we accept our business world is in unending change, can we navigate and even calibrate change. This is the key to business survival’.

There’s no better way to see change in action than to study the natural world and the laws of evolution. It’s here we can see that the extinction of a species is the rule and survival is the exception. It’s the same in business.

The patterns for survival that exist in the natural world, are the same in the business world. ‘We need to leverage patterns and not make plans to survive’, muses Darren.

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Successful species thrive in nature in three ways:

  • They explore the new environment 
  • They adapt and change to their environment
  • They specialise and find a niche and value proposition  

As humans, we have the added ability to empathise and care. Each business transaction offers us the choice of how care-filled our exchange will be. This decision to be ‘careful or careless’ can dictate business survival or extinction.

Why do the world’s best poker players win most tournaments? They share the same extraordinary slim chance of being dealt top yielding cards, yet are champions due to one key differentiator. They have a possibility mindset.

A possibility mindset is a valuable focus and ultimately the mindset of success for business survival. A possibility mindset is the difference between a perpetual run of ‘bad days’ and a momentum of winning without changing the external factors.

Honing your survival instincts, focusing on patterns and fostering a mindset of possibility can be the difference between your business thriving or struggling to survive. 


A behavioural scientist, and Exec Director at Pragmatic Thinking, Darren understands people like few others do. Darren is the author of three books including the best seller 'Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations'. You can connect with Darren here.

"If you are filled with care in business, you will leave an indelible mark on people's lives."
Darren Hill
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As always, your article is on point. I agree with every word of it. Business survival instinct is the most important factor of success!