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The Evernote Suite: Perfect for Training, Business and your Family

by meganaiemma ‎19-07-2013 09:35 PM (954 Views)


Part 3 of the Evernote series provides more training on using Evernote for your business, to help your employees be more organised, save time and money in overall productivity.

This week’s request “How can I annotate over PDF’s or use Evernote for working with PDF’s?" will be covered along with the suite of apps by Evernote and examples of how you can use them for your business or personally. My Pinterest Page is still the go-to place for Evernote resources.

Using Evernote (and Skitch) for PDF’s:

Sometimes you want to attach a PDF to one of your Evernote notes (and need to mark it up) however this can only be done with Evernote Premium or Evernote Business. Make sure you have the latest versions of both Evernote Desktop and Skitch for your device.


Example: I use Penultimate for taking handwritten notes in meetings (drawing mindmaps, charts on graph paper. I also love that it has templates such as to-do lists, storyboards, weekly planners (had to purchase these within the app). These notes can be exported via email, save to camera roll or open the page within another app.


There is an array of different types of “papers” to choose from when working in Penultimate. All of your notes sync to Evernote. Just like with other Evernote products, you can search for text within your notes (it even recognises your handwriting).

Skitch Free

Example: Out of all the apps within the Evernote suite (other than Evernote) this would have to be my favourite and most commonly used.  I often use Skitch for presentations or marking up a map to give instructions to a client for a meeting. See below. I use both the desktop version and iPad on the go (and then use these images later down the track for future reference).

There is both a desktop version (Mac/Windows) and iOS/Android version. You will need to use your Evernote login details in order for the images to sync to your Evernote account.

Here is what the “New Skitch” Note looks like on a mobile device and what each feature does.


This is what you can use Evernote for (the Pixelate tool is great for when you want blank out someone’s image or vital details).


Evernote hello

Example: As much as I love new business cards, my handbag can only cope with so many, so that is why Evernote Hello is the perfect solution for a busy businesswoman, those in the workplace or running your family.

This is a mobile app for both android and iOS and syncs with Evernote (once logged in). It has the ability scan your business cards and then add the image in a new note but with the added bonus of the time of meeting that person (and location). There is also the feature to add Facebook and LinkedIn details for that individual.


Evernote web clipper

Example: Often, I want to add a website for future research (and be able to find where I have put it) which is perfect when using Evernote.

There are bookmarklets that are downloaded (for each Web Browser). These sit up in the bookmarks tab and this means that you can save links, images, text, articles, websites for reading later. Once you have clipped your webpage, select where the information is being stored, tags and any additional comments.


Evernote clearly

Example: this is great for saving a website with an article that you want to read later (or annotate) but without all the ads, images or background. This is an online tool. It is a bookmarklet for the web browsers (just like Evernote Web Clipper).


Evernote food

Example: I love finding new recipes online and these I have been starting to add to “My Cookbook” and can always look for new recipes within this app.

Evernote Food is a mobile-based solution and great for finding recipes and using this app when doing your grocery shopping. You can easily look up the recipe to see what key ingredients you need. See below for steps how to get your favourite family recipes into Evernote.