Why you should say yes to job sharing
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Job sharing is still a relatively new concept in Australia and like most new concepts, there’s always an element of trepidation by companies to try something new. However, these days it’s definitely a viable option with countless benefits for employees and companies alike. The benefits of job sharing will set you apart from other employers while giving you an “access all areas” pass to a brains trust of dynamic and talented candidates who have decided through either need or desire to work part-time hours.

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Endi Frydman, Executive Recruitment Consultant

We sat down with Executive Recruitment Consultant, Endi Frydman, to discuss five reasons why your organisation should encourage and promote job sharing.

  1. You get access to two minds for one job

Through job sharing, your business will gain access to the minds of two skilled and talented individuals and their unique experiences, networks, knowledge and perspectives, in one role. That is double the amount of reflection time and potential ‘aha’ moments that we all experience when we are away from the office. Also, job sharers tend to be very independent as problem solving occurs between the two of them. With job sharing, the whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts. 

  1. Greater diversity in the workplace

A more diverse workplace welcomes new ways of thinking, higher levels of creativity and greater innovation. Job sharing is the perfect opportunity to increase gender diversity in the workplace. After becoming mothers, the reality of full-time work isn’t feasible for some women. The key to ensuring we have females progressing to senior leadership positions is participation in the workforce and continual progression of careers over the years when women seek greater flexibility. Job sharing allows skilled professionals to remain in the workforce and progress their careers over flexible hours while the organisation benefits from two skilled and driven individuals covering one job. Furthermore recent research from McKinsey has proven that diverse businesses deliver 35% better results than non-diverse businesses.

  1. Greater productivity

Through flexible working hours, each individual is able to pursue other interests, non-work responsibilities and passions in their spare time, which means that when in the office, job sharers are focussed, energised and highly productive. An added benefit of job sharing is continual coverage over periods of annual leave leading to increased business productivity and reduced stress for colleagues.

  1. Improved staff retention, loyalty and morale

When your staff feel supported to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, they in turn, value their role and their employer. This boosts staff loyalty, retention and organisational culture. Job sharers are highly satisfied with their roles as they are able to work in a big role over part-time hours, therefore not sacrificing job satisfaction or remuneration. Employees stay with their employers because their wants and needs are being fulfilled. You’ll also find staff morale improves as employees have more time to spend with family and friends and on their health, wellbeing and other passion areas.  Together this contributes to a team of motivated and inspired employees who love coming to work as they feel valued and supported. They’ll also become brand advocates, sharing their loyalty for the organisation with their own networks therefore extending your reach and positioning as an employer of choice.

By actively supporting job sharing, you position your organisation as an employer of choice with a genuine commitment to diversity and equality. Job sharing will help you retain top talent and secure exceptional new talent, as your business will be viewed as progressive, supportive, innovative and compassionate.

The OneJob TwoMinds service model involves pairing existing talent with a job share partner should there not be a suitable internal job share match available. For all new partnerships and some existing partnerships, it is important to offer job share coaching to merge the job sharers from “I” to “we”. Our specialised coaching program offers job share pairs a structured approach to job sharing to maximise their performance and job share success.

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Job-sharing is a great way to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace & to hire "two-minds for one role". From the job-sharers I know, they give so much to their role, as well as allowing time for their other activities. Win-win!

Job sharing is now even easier to achieve with current communication apps like slackbot, trello and webinar etc. to keep a project on track.   Innovative and stategic workplace design, utilising activity based working, and appropriate use of hot desking is now more than ever able to embrace concepts like job sharing.