Women in Focus Magazine | Summer 2016
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In this issue we spotlight women who are shaping good ideas and thinking differently to move their business forward.

One of these remarkable women is Dr Catherine Ball. How could drones possibly help save endangered turtles? Dr Catherine Ball is convinced they can. We spoke to Catherine, an environment scientist, who has combined her childhood love of the natural world with a passion for technology.

Having the right mindset is vital to enable everyday innovation. The ever inspiring Turia Pitt, mining engineer, motivational speaker, author and bushfire burns survivor, believes that mindset is something that can be the difference in simply surviving or thriving. We spoke to Turia about the tools she has used to continue her quest to be her best self, and enable others to do the same. 

In reality, business is not always a smooth journey, it is punctuated with high peaks and deep troughs. It is how we deal with these moments that can make all the difference to success or failure, Tina Tower, the founder of Begin Bright, has had her fair share of challenges and triumphs, and she candidly shares her business journey – from startup to exit.

We hope you enjoy the stories of the big thinkers in this issue and are inspired to be innovative, foster a positive mindset and create change.

Browse the articles below, or download the pdf version.

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