A Cuppa With Alexandra Kinloch from Cinch Video
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Alexandra Kinloch is CEO and co-founder of Cinch Video, a smartphone app revolutionising DIY video making. You can frame, film, edit clips and add music all in real time. It’s so easy, it’s a cinch! Grab a cuppa and spend some time getting to know Alexandra and her business experience launching from co-working space, York Butter Factory.

Who would you like to have a cuppa with and why?  Also, what would you have in the cuppa?

I’d love to have a peppermint tea with Hilary Clinton. She is such an intelligent, strong-willed woman; it would be incredible to hear her stories. 

Your elevator pitch?

Cinch Video is a smartphone app that re-imagines how easy it is to shoot, edit and share video. Users can frame, film and edit in real time to make videos they'll be proud to share with friends, family and for business. On screen guides encourage users to think about what they're filming, to take multiple shots, and to experiment with camera angles. It's easier than ever before to edit, add music and share, all without even leaving the app.

How long have you been in this business?

I’ve been running the business for over a year now, although I was working on the business for a few months prior to forming the company.

Where can we find you on the web?

www.cinchvideo.com and download the app from iTunes here

How can the community connect with you in Social Media?

Our Facebook page and Twitter.

Share something about yourself that not many people know. 

I went on exchange to an Indigenous community in South East Arnhem land when I was 16. It was an amazing life-changing experience and one that has shaped my life ever since.

Why did you choose York Butter Factory? What makes it unique?

I chose to work at the York Butter Factory as I knew a few people working at the space and had heard good things. The community and the focus on technology make it a unique co-working space in Melbourne. Having worked here for over a year and a half now it’s a great space to work and network. 

What do you love most about being part of a co-working space?

The people. They are open-minded, positive, hard-working and ambitious. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by people who are willing to take risks to pursue their dreams.

What makes your business great?

The Cinch Video app makes it easy for anyone to take great videos. Whether you’re looking to take videos for your business, on holiday or for family, Cinch makes it fun and simple to create a great video. Also, it’s great working in such an innovative fast moving industry.

Your wow moment?

Presenting to an audience of 350 people at a conference in Seattle and loving it! It’s amazing that when you’re doing something you love everything suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

Best business tip?

Many times throughout this business journey I have been in a difficult situation and had to ask myself; “What am I scared of? What is holding me back?” I’ve found it to be a very useful question to help understand why I haven’t fully embraced something or taken that next step. Once you understand what you’re afraid of it’s so much easier to tackle it in a practical way, push past it and achieve your goals.

Thought of the day?

Get some sleep! From personal experience I know it’s very easy for your business to take over your life. So make sure to take care of yourself as well as your business.

What’s your favourite food?


Dream for the future?

I’d like to empower people to see opportunities in their path and encourage them to take the leap of faith toward pursuing their dreams.

What word describes you?


What are the Top 2 things you’d like to have done by the age of 70?

To have created a body of work that has a positive impact on society and to have travelled and explored over 70 countries.

Connect with Alexandra Kinloch on the Community. Find out more at www.cinchvideo.com

Download the app from iTunes. Learn more about York Butter Factory

How could you use this app to support your business? Have you ever thought about joining a co-working space?

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