A Day in the Life of Sue-Ellen Watts
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HR specialist Sue-Ellen Watts, Founder and Managing Director of wattsnext, has a passion for making the lives of small to medium business owners a little easier. Sue-Ellen, a self-confessed lover of personal development, recently caught up with Women in Focus to give us an inside look at her dynamic days.

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I set my alarm for 5:15am every weekday with the aim of exercising 3 out of 5 days and getting an early start in the office on the other 2 days. What is great about this early start is that I will then usually get at least 30 minutes to myself before the house wakes up! Exercise will either consist of running up and down the hills near my home or doing one of Michelle Bridges home exercise classes on the iPad – usually finishing with a jump in the pool with one of the boys! 


My most recent addition to my routine is daily affirmations as recommended by the amazing Emma Isaacs. So added to my intense exfoliating routine, I now repeat 5 positive affirmations to get the day started!


Cuddles and breastfeeding time with our little one year old Bear… often ends up with all three boys competing for some attention (a bit disruptive, but I love it)


Water with lemon juice and oats.



Sigh of relief as our nanny arrives and lunch boxes, water bottles, excursion payments and library bags somehow make their way to their correct backpacks! Last minute instructions and arrangements for my husband Ben and the nanny as we all prepare to go in different directions!



Take my two big boys to school. Gus is in prep so I deliver him to his classroom and get to catch up for 5 minutes with the other mums which is always fun, before I run out of the school gate usually with the phone against my ear!


Straight from school to a meeting with a ‘Strategic Friend’. This time is used to reconnect with a business contact and discuss both of our businesses, market trends, goals and generally help each other to grow our businesses.                       



Check in with the team and return any calls.                    



Operations meeting – this hour is crucial to my business. Four of my team meet to discuss the highlights and lowlights of the past month, red flags, staff & capacity, workflow & delivery, large projects and new client action plans.  We also look at our business development plan and also discuss new product development. It is an action packed meeting!


Check the inbox and clear some emails between meetings.


12:00pm – every Monday we have our team work in progress meeting. This gives everyone the opportunity to share what their three most important activities are for their week. We also look at how we are tracking against budget and share our individual ‘wins’ which is a great work achievement we had in the past week.


I am not very good at refuelling throughout the day so I try to head to the kitchen at this time and grab some lunch! We have implemented lunch club in our office where we all put money in and at the start of the week the fridge and cupboards are stocked so there is no excuse not to eat (or go through McDonalds drive thru!)


One on one time with a member of the team. This is where I sit down with one of my direct reports and work through their current workload, act as a sounding board and coach to help them achieve their outcomes for the week.  


Check in on all things social media


Welcome a current client to the office. We love having our clients come to us for meetings so we can spoil them! This particular meeting was delivering our recommended HR Strategy to 5 Partners of an accounting firm. Lots of exciting plans for them for the next 18 months!


Review of the financials with the General Manager.


Quiet time at my desk to prepare for my next keynote speaking engagement. This one is on building a winning culture! I love preparing for these presentations as I get to share what we do at wattsnext and what we implement into many of our clients businesses. It is definitely the fun side of what we do! WAIT – interruption – the bell has rung! We have a ships bell in our office that we ring when we win a new piece of work. Everyone stands up and applauds the bell ringer and we celebrate the win! Now back to my presentation…   


Home time! Time to catch up with the boys to see what happened in their days. Find out what they learnt and what great things happened for everyone. Sometimes it is crazy and we have over tired boys running around the house or having mini breakdowns and sometimes I come home to very calm, bathed and fed boys – I am very grateful for our wonderful nanny on these days! I then have some lovely one on one time with baby Bear and breastfeed him before he goes to sleep.                     



7:30pm is my middle son's (Gus) bedtime and we have a great routine where after he has done toilet and teeth I read him a couple of books, share what we are going to dream about and then I work on my computer which is just outside his room until he falls asleep. My team will often receive emails from me between 7:30-8:30pm! Our eldest son Digger is ushered off to bed, share what we are going to dream about and the siren officially blows on kids time!

Time to connect with my husband Ben. Dinner, wind down, maybe a wine and a little tv as we desperately try not to talk about the business! By this time I am usually always complaining that we eat too late and we have to start having dinner at 7pm… maybe tomorrow!                       



I always aim to head to bed around 10pm so I can finish the day with reading. I am a self-confessed personal development junkie, so am usually reading a business or motivation book at this time. So that I can sleep and my mind is not racing too much I usually read 2-3 pages of a girly fiction before I close my eyes! Zzzzzz getting ready for another day!   

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I actually don't know what the behavioural profile and interpretation session entails. I'm intrigued to enter and find out.

Wonderful to read about the incredible growth and knowledge and skills sharing that Sue-Ellen continues to bring to wattsnext, their clients and the extended community.  I remember working with Sue-Ellen (pre and post Digger) and her care for clients and staff was the highest priority then and is the reason wattsnext has excelled.  Loved reading about great companies and how their values reflect in the quality service they give their clients and the community.  Well done.