Katrin Suess: Video at the Forefront of Engagement
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Katrin_Vimily_web.jpgKatrin Suess is a creative entrepreneur and is the Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Vimily. Obsessed with entrepreneurship, Katrin has run her own company since 2008 and has many, many creative outlets in addition to her work; she paints, sings, raps and can fold the smallest paper ship in the world. Katrin sat down with Natalie Candarakis  and explored the ways your business can benefit from video content.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from Vimily?

I learn lessons daily, however I would say the most valuable one by far, is to listen to, and understand your market.  Instead of trying to force success with your product, be open-minded and reactive; if something is not working, notice, and don’t be afraid to adopt to a new situation quickly. We changed our entire business focus after just 3weeks of launch, a bold move, but the market asked for it and the rewards have been worth it 100x over.

What would you say to aspiring film, television or digital content creators?

Keep to your grand vision and never give up, no matter how hard your profession might seem at times. Believe in yourself, your work and enjoy what you do and success will come.

What are some important lessons you have you learned from your clients?

Vimily is a product designed 100% by customer needs. We learn something new everyday from our clients, and ensure we listen closely. One lesson we’ve learnt is that the value in video lies 90% in content and only 10% in production. Services that focus on production, such as Instragram, are great when it comes to static images – filters help normal pictures look creative and professional. However when it comes to video, if the content is not engaging in the first place, it doesn’t matter how pretty the video looks, people won’t watch it. We found that the best way to create engaging content is to be able to apply a little clever “direction”. By asking specific questions that focus on a particular subject, you can easily create informative, short for video clips, perfect for engagement.

Who keeps you inspired? Why?

Startups and its entrepreneurs keep me inspired. I think it’s the passion and the ultimate goal that we all share to leave our footprint on this earth, to do something meaningful and to build product/service that can help others.

How can film and digital content add value to a business?

Ask any savvy marketing team, and they will highlight engagement as the number one metric for lead generation – above and beyond direct advertising even.  The reason is that engagement creates customers with much greater lifetime values, by involving them in the brand on a personal level. It just so happens that video is the most effective tool to generating greater engagement, due to its ease of consumptions, potentially personal nature, and use as a creative medium.

The stats back this up - 88% more time is spent on sites with video, 65% increase in conversions, and even Google is on board – having video on your site increases a page 1 appearance by 55%.

For businesses that have not yet used digital content and videos as a means of optimising communication and marketability, what would you suggest as being a great starting point?

Start simple – capture film of your day to day interactions with clients such as doing mini interviews for thought leadership, getting some video testimonials and giving your team a voice.

People want valuable content, so spend your time & money on getting great content, rather than expensive production. Smartphones are perfect for this, and candid video has the added benefit of being incredibly trusted.

If you could have 10 minutes with any director, cinematographer or professional in your industry, who would it be?

Director wise, I’d probably go for Quentin Tarantino, just because I’d really like to find out if he is crazy and if not, how he can come up all those crazy ideas.

Industry wise, it would like to meet Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, founders of Instagram, to pick their brain about their product development and their journey from a small company (4 employees) to a billion dollar success.

How can the Women in Focus Community interact with Vimily?

Don’t wait any longer and jump on the video train! Start using Vimily to engage your users in your business. You’d be surprised how easy, quick and affordable it is to create videos on the fly and how powerful your marketing will become. It’s completely free to trial, so you really have nothing to lose.

Being at the forefront of engagement brings us into contact with some really savvy female entrepreneurs - and we are creating a leadership interview series to share best practice and advice with the industry. If you would like to be involved, I’d love you to get in touch.

And last but not least, I’d like to mention that I recently founded Startup with Style with Christie Sharpe. We’re building an ecosystem for female entrepreneurs to inspire, connect and mentor each other. You can signup at startupwithstyle.com

Quick Bytes

  • Introvert or Extrovert? Actually, introvert. Even though I’m outgoing and like socialising, I can only recharge by being by myself.
  • Sea or Mountains? Sea.
  • Early bird or night owl? Both - Typical, startup life. Many hours, no money, but pure happiness.
  • Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee (coffee addiction)
  • Summer or Winter? Autumn, because of the fresh air and coloured leaves :)

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