Meet the 2012 South Australia Finalists for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards
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We asked the South Australia finalists to fill us in on what they do first thing in the morning, and what's the last thing they think of at night!

AbbieAllen2.jpgAbbie Allen – Lifestyle Elements

marie claire Young Business Women's Award

First Thing In The Morning Usually I pick up my daughter out of her cot because it is she who has woken me! I’m more than happy to see her smile first in the morning.

Last Thing At Night I actually have a habit of inventing stories in my head to help my go to sleep. Most of the time it works. Not always. At those times I am usually thinking about work related things which are keeping me awake!

AmandaSmallacombe.jpgAmanda Smallacombe – Whyalla Foreshore Motor Inn

Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award

First Thing In The Morning The first thing I do each morning is have a cuddle with my daughter Grace when she climbs in my bed just to let me know she is up!

Last Thing At Night I organise my outfit for the next day, and run through in my mind the 'plan of attack' for the following day.

Amy Van Dyk – ABT advance behavioural training

marie claire Young Business Women's Award

Working as a veterinary nurse piqued Amy Van Dyk’s interest in the behavioural side of companion animals. She undertook specialised study and is now a qualified dog behavioural trainer and head of her own indoor dog training school. Amy was still working part-time as a veterinary nurse when she took the plunge and opened Advance Behavioural Training in 2011. She conducts group classes and individual consultations. Amy has helped many dogs with behavioural problems over the years, including her own Siberian Huskies Koda and Saaba who she adopted. Both came with their fair share of behavioural/training issues but, with care and dedication, they have become well adjusted and happy. Amy says her indoor training centre is the first of its kind in SA and she’s diversified into retailing and extra training activities to meet client requirements. Highlights so far include hosting a seminar by an international speaker and a move into dog-and-child safety training.

Angela Littleford – Royal District Nursing Service of SA Ltd

White Pages Community and Government Award, Nokia Business Innovation Award

Armed with a PhD in Models of Care in Medicine from the University of Sydney, Angela Littleford has helped transform community-based health services across SA. As the Chief Operating Officer with the Royal District Nursing Service, she has overseen the introduction of standardised clinical pathways for patients, traditionally reserved for people requiring acute health care, such as surgery. These reforms ensure consistency and continuity of care, resulting in better healing rates. The new model includes virtual health programs and telephone health support backed by a 24-hour call centre to help people heal at home and avoid institutional care. Her vision for the Service is for it to be a leader in exceptional client care for the SA community. This was realised after drafting the tender which secured the $21 million Health Care at Home service contract from SA Health which enabled RDNS to provide community-based health support for all age groups, not just the elderly.

carmelsiciliano.jpgCarmel Siciliano – Stile Interiors

Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award, marie claire Young Business Women's Award

First Thing In The Morning is ensure I have a nutritious breakfast to ensure I have the best start to the day.  This is particularly important as my days are always filled with meetings, client appointments and site visits so lunch ends up being very quickly squeezed in amongst my busy schedule.  At least 3 times a week I will also fit in a morning walk so I am up earlier on these days as exercise always gives me extra energy and makes me feel good so this is important to me.

Last Thing At Night To be completely honest the absolute last thing I think about each night is try to think about nothing.  This is where I just want my mind to relax and switch off as so many things happen throughout my day.  Prior to winding down or “switching off” for the evening I will often recap on what occurred during my day and what I have planned for the next day to ensure I am organised.  Then I will unwind and watch a favourite program with cup of tea.

Janet Craig – Dreamtime Public Relations Pty Ltd

Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award

After a 20-year PR and marketing career, Janet Craig created Dreamtime Public Relations in 2002 as a consultancy specialising in culturally-appropriate visual communication products and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences. She also wanted to offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people opportunities to pursue a career in creative communications and has since employed or mentored more than 20 people in this way. Dreamtime, a former NAIDOC business of the year, offers communications services to government and corporate clients ranging from marketing, community engagement and market research while assisting Aboriginal organisations with skills from graphic design to website development. The company’s computer vectorised Aboriginal art is one of Janet’s core innovations, allowing an advantage over traditionally scanned art offered by her competitors. More than 80 per cent of Janet’s business stems from the Aboriginal health sector and last year she reached a milestone of $1 million in turnover.

Kerry Symons.JPGKerry Symons – Australian Red Cross

White Pages Community and Government Award

First Thing In The Morning I get up and make a very strong cup of coffee and then I check my emails before going to work.

Last Thing At Night It depends on what’s happened during the day and what’s happening the next day, I think about what’s happening at work and home.

Kylie Bishop Sep12.jpgKylie Bishop – LBW Environment

Hudson Private and Corporate Sector Award, Nokia Business Innovation Award

First Thing In The Morning With five children the washing is never ending so each morning I attempt to get a jump on it and head to the laundry as my first port of call. My elusive goal – to empty the laundry baskets, machine and line and have the clothes folded all on the same day!

Last Thing At Night I switch my thinking brain off at 10:30pm and head to bed with a good book as many nights a week as I can. My last thoughts would ordinarily be lost somewhere in my book, as I often fall asleep holding on to it! Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring is also another favourite thought.

Leanne Adams.Telstra Photo 1.JPGLeanne Adams – SA Country Fire Service

White Pages Community and Government Award

First Thing In The Morning First thing in the morning I am awoken by my two year old son who wraps his arms around my neck and gives me big smooches on the lips.

Last Thing At Night I usually think about what’s happening the next day: work deadlines, meetings, kids appointments, kids notes and return slips, after school activities and commitments, social engagements and what I’m going to wear.

Marg Mibus – Aboriginal Access Centre TAFE SA

White Pages Community and Government Award

There is an elegant synergy between Marg Bibus’s professional and personal life. As a single mother, she has dedicated the past 22 years ensuring her children received a good education to access career options. In her current role as Director of TAFE SA’s Aboriginal Access Centre she is responsible for delivering a range of innovative further education and employment programs for Indigenous people across the State. This is achieved with the assistance of 55 staff and an annual budget of about $7million. In addition, as the most senior Aboriginal executive within the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology, Marg is tasked with providing policy advice on TAFE SA and Vocational Education and Training programs for Indigenous communities. Her more memorable achievements include sourcing alternative funding to train Aboriginal women as enrolled nurses in Port Lincoln and the development of the Young Guns program which secured employment for young men within the Department of Corrections.

Dr Paula Stacey-Thomas.JPGPaula Stacey-Thomas – The Chiropractic Domain

Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award

First Thing In The Morning I wake up and try to get myself ready for the morning before getting my twins ready – I have 5 children so try to organise myself first!

Last Thing At Night I make a list in my head of what I’ve done during the day and what I need to do the next day then I hope the twins will sleep through the night!

sandypitcher.JPGSandy Pitcher – Department of the Premier and Cabinet (SA)

White Pages Community and Government Award

First Thing In The Morning As a mum of a new baby, the first thing I do each morning is feed baby Tess.  It's a special time for is, although Tess tends to decide when morning will be, and it's generally earlier than I'd like! Sometimes she falls back to sleep, drunk on milk and I sneak in as much extra sleep as I can.  Invariably Fran Kelly on Radio National will be on my radio.

Last Thing At Night I'm a night-owl, so my evenings tend to be pretty full. My iPad is never far from my side, and I like to reply to emails from the comfort of my couch.  I find that getting through work at night suits me much better than waking up earlier to complete an urgent matter.  Reading a paperback novel is a rare pleasure, and tends to end with me falling asleep with the book on my face (hence avoiding hardbacks).

Usually the last thing I do each night is read a few key news websites after midnight, so I know what 'tomorrow's' news will be.  It's strangely reassuring to know that no front-page dramas await me before I fall asleep.

Serina Pace – Pace Lawyers

Commonwealth Bank Business Owner Award

As a female business owner working in a male-dominated industry that’s often faced with sexual inequality, Serina Pace’s vision is to foster an inclusive environment as the most respected boutique law firm in SA. The nine-member practice is divided into Pace Lawyers, which provides commercial, dispute resolution and risk management advice to business, and Adelaide Legal, which advises individuals in injury, family and employment law and civil disputes. As business operator and principal solicitor, Serina introduced a set of values in 2011 based on respect for clients that led to an increase in new and repeat clientele, entry into the interstate legal market and major national companies as clients. Serina is also a panel lawyer for pro bono services and is a board member of Down Syndrome South Australia. Her most memorable achievement was her involvement in the Prime Minister’s Community and Business Partnership – a collaboration between businesses fostering corporate social responsibility.

Tracy Gornall – Jones Lang LaSalle

Hudson Private and Corporate Sector Award

Becoming the first female and youngest person to be elected as State President of the Australian Property Institute (API) in SA ranks as her most memorable business achievement so far and it’s one that certainly resonates with Tracy Gornall’s women peers. It’s among many milestones for Tracy, who co-heads the Valuations and Advisory division of Jones Lang LaSalle in Adelaide. A Bachelor of Business in Property with Honours, Tracy specialises in the valuation of CBD office buildings, retail shopping centres and institutional grade industrial property. Tracy co-manages a team of six professionals plus support staff who were all responsible for the valuation of more than $1 billion in property over the past 12 months. She’s committed to a three-year business plan to double revenue performance and grow the team. She takes a special interest managing development of the firm’s graduate employees as they continue their study and work towards becoming Associate Members of the API.

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