In memory of Tahnee Walters

This week we recieved the tragic news that Tahnee Walters, a founding member of the Women in Focus community, had passed away. Tahnee was a young entrepreneur who embodied the spirit of the Women in Focus community, she was generous, full of life and extraordinarily passionate about her business.

Tahnee was also the first woman to be on the cover of our first ever edition of the Women in Focus magazine, we shared the story of her journey with her business, Spotted Cow Cookies, which you can read below.

We are honoured to have had such a remarkable woman in our community.

How did you decide to start a cookie business?

I have always had a love of baking! I could barely reach the counter top in the kitchen when I started experimenting with making cookies, cakes and handmade chocolates as a kid.  After years of wondering what I was going to do with my life and knowing I really wanted to leave my mark on the world, I thought I would try and turn my passion into a business and started by creating the recipes.

How did you get cafes to stock your cookies when you first started out?

Tahnee+Walters+magazine.jpgI pounded the pavement to give my cookies away to willing cafés and slowly built a reputation in a difficult and very competitive industry. I think that my determination and absolute persistence have been the key factors in my success. We now supply to cafés, hotels, catering companies and venues all over Australia.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

I’m over the moon that this year we’re supplying our cookies to two national airlines – Virgin Blue Airlines and Rex! Securing these two agreements has been an amazing achievement for us, and one we hope to follow up with further major airline agreements. 

We are also being recognised now as a quality manufacturer of cookies and have been approached by several companies to manufacture for other brands. This has been great for cash flow and to pay for the expensive machines we need to grow.

Did you always plan to conquer the world with your cookies?

I never imagined that my business would reach the levels that it has. I am in business now for very different reasons compared to when I started. My goals have changed and my plans have expanded. 

When I started the business I wanted to make a living doing something I love. Now I want to create a brand that is recognised as a leader in its class and a product that is loved by people all over the world. 

What’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

To export to Asia, America and Europe and have my cookies sitting on the shelves of retail stores such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, and Macy’s.

What are you top three tips for business success?

Listen to any advice given, whether or not you feel it applies to your business you may just get one little thing out of it

Stay focused on why you started your business in the first place, whether it’s the quality of a product, your price points etc

Keep yourself surrounded by people that have expertise in the fields of your business that you may not know anything about 

You attended the Inaugural Women in Focus Conference in 2010, tell us about what you learned and how the connections you made helped your business.

Attending the Women in Focus Conference at Pinctada Cable Beach helped me with my confidence in my business. It also helped me realise that it doesn’t matter what industry we come from, we all have similar problems, and there just may be somebody from a completely unrelated industry to you that may have some solutions that you had never thought of. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of being involved with a group of great women and left the event feeling inspired to take the next steps that I had to take.

It was through connections I made at this event that I have picked up new business, as well as a new doctor!! 

Last question, who is Coco the Cow?

Coco The Cow is our new Twitter (@CocoTheCow) personality, she helps the ladies at Spotted Cow Cookies make udderly delicious cookies!


Image supplied by Tahnee Walters.



Tahnee is one of us, she is a big part of the Women in Focus community and has been there right from the start. I know she will be greatly missed and her impact and her spirit will continue to be felt throughout the community for as long as we here and standing together. Today, thinking of those who loved Tahnee.

I write with a heavy heart. Tahnee will always be in my heart. Tahnee's energy was contagious. I will miss her and am praying for her family especially her beautiful son. We will miss you beautiful Tahnee but we will never forget you. xoxox KJ

What a lovely joyous smile!   Tahnee accomplished so much in her life.  So terribly sad for her family, friends and for everyone who knew her.