Inspire your team to be online advocates

Employee advocacy on social media has so many incredible benefits, it will increase brand awareness, broaden your reach, improve organisational communication, employee engagement and workplace culture.

When a group of people come together with a shared vision and shared values, they build relationships and form strong, emotional bonds. Together they can drive positive change and make a difference in the world.

Do your team share your vision and values? I’m sure they do. Take a moment now to think about the opportunities this presents for your social media strategy. Given the right type of support, employee advocacy will have a significant impact on your business.

Employee advocacy on social media

Employee advocacy on social media can be more powerful than messaging issued directly from a business. If you want to get your team involved on social media, it’s important to consider a few things before you jump in.

Guidelines and systems

Develop social media guidelines for your staff and communicate them when they begin working at your business. These guidelines should give employees a clear structure around how to behave on social media and how to represent your business online.

Take time to develop systems to ensure everyone in your business understands their role in contributing to your social media activity as well as the relevant processes and responsibilities. Make sure you have one central place where your employees can access everything, collaborate, contribute their ideas and be kept up-to-date with what’s happening across your organisation in relation to social media.

Education and learning

Be available to support your team and to answer their questions. Run in-house training to help them better understand your social media guidelines and associated systems and processes. By giving your employees all the information and tools they need, they’ll have more clarity, focus, confidence and ownership. They’ll be more likely to actively contribute, share content and engage with your business online as well as your community.

Motivate and inspire

Encourage your employees to share your content, however, don’t end the conversation there. Take time to talk to your team about your online community so they understand their needs, wants and challenges. Show them how to personally connect, share content, engage and build relationships. Provide examples and show them what this looks like.

Being open and honest in your communication with your team will encourage them to be involved on a long-term basis.

Shareable content

If you’d like your employees to share your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram it must be content that your employees are proud of and will want to share with their connections, friends and followers.

If you want your team to share your content, it’s important they’re involved in brainstorming ideas and contributing to the content production process. Get your team involved in all stages of the process, this will allow everyone to create more engaging content that both your employees and community will love.

Recognise and celebrate

Listening to your team, saying thank you and recognising their contributions to your social media activity is important if you want their ongoing involvement and to build a positive workplace culture. Acknowledge their achievements, celebrate their wins and ensure that you embark on an inclusive, collaborative process.

Measurement and feedback

Ensure that you measure the effectiveness of your strategy so you continue to improve and build on your activity month by month. Share the results with your team and seek their feedback about the impact of their contributions. Talk to them about how things can be improved for the following month to ensure your business continues to increase social media engagement and deliver better outcomes for your business.