Top 5 ways to grow your online audience

You’ve set up your business with products and processes, you have a glitzy website and have claimed your social media channels. What's next?


Value for money is imperative for any sized business. How can you reach your customers and make sure your money and time is high yield?

As a business owner, you are the Marketing and Sales team, IT Team, Human Resources Team and Legal Team and the list goes on.

Here are five ways to help you grow your audience with your precious time and money in mind.

1. Find your influencers.

It is much easier to talk to one individual who has a tribe, than to try to target everyone and reach no one. If you concentrate on talking to one person, the communication is more engaging and genuine.

You can pay to find influencers, but a better and more authentic strategy is to profile them. For this to work, there must be clear alignment between your influencers and your brand. Interviewing and promoting influencers through your website and social channels must be of interest to your customers or help your customers to solve a problem.

2. Circulate media coverage on all your social channels.

Newspaper circulation may be dwindling, but there is still trust and a level of professionalism and authority associated with long standing publications. Ensure you share any media coverage whether it be a newspaper article or blog across all your social media channels. This will build loyalty with your customers, create word of mouth and demonstrate traction.

3. Post when your audience is online.

Use the insight tools to ensure you are posting when your audience is online. This will help your organic reach, as will engaging and relevant content containing images or videos.

The times when your audience is online will be different for every platform. If you are only on Facebook, use the clock tool underneath the post to schedule posts to appear when your audience is online.

For Twitter, I would recommend starting an ad account for a small campaign and then you have access to their scheduling tool for organic posts.

If you are on three social media platforms, you can set up a free Hootsuite account to help with scheduling and cross-promotion across channels.

4. Watch, learn and change in response to your online metrics.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. This is common sense, but so many people are wedded to their great idea or pet project that they aren’t listening to the customer.

We started promoting Femeconomy approved products on Twitter and quickly the audience dwindled, so we stopped and guess what, it increased again. We found that posting too much on Twitter or Instagram also makes followers decrease, so we decreased our posting and decreased our workload, but increased our audience.

We know our female leader interviews drive the most engagement across social media channels and the most traffic to the website, so we increased that content to three times per week.

Listen to your community. Take quick action based on their feedback, and where it’s appropriate, personally acknowledge their contributions.

5. Run competitions.

A great way to grow your audience is to run competitions. Our competitions are always partnerships and cross-promotions, so they only cost time. Find a partner who is value aligned, where you share a similar audience and assist each other to run a competition. Again, try different types of competitions to see what your customers enjoy the most.

How have you successfully grown your audience online?


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So on the money! Practical tips and easy to action straight away. Thanks for sharing your learnings Alanna.

Love this. A clear and uncomplicated strategy to engage audiences online. Thank you!