What is YOUR ripple effect on business and personal outcomes?

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Approaching each day with optimism (even in the midst of a challenging situation), encourages hope, inspires others that change is possible, and has a positive ripple effect across every person we interact with.
Positive psychology and neuroscience research has shown that SMALL CHANGES in our own SELF-TALK and the way we communicate with others, can create a POSITIVE RIPPLE EFFECT that ultimately impacts productivity outcomes. When we choose to communicate with a positive optimistic approach we are setting the scene for others to follow this behaviour, hence leading to increased outputs.

These can include 31% higher productivity, 25% greater performance ratings, 37% higher sales, and 23% lower levels of stress (Gielan, 2015).  

These increased outcomes occur when we approach each day with an OPTIMISTIC MINDSET.


 Optimistic thinkers believe that negative events are temporary, local and changeable; will not be long-term, will only effect one part of life, and believe that something can be changed within the situation (i.e. their response).  Pessimists believe that negative events are long-term or even permanent, consume all aspects of their life, and that the situation will not change - no matter what they think, say or do.  

Science shows us that when we take an optimistic view we create several benefits. Our brain functions more effectively, our speed of decision making is enhanced, there is an increased likelihood of accomplishing our goals, and we set ourselves up to receive more support from others.
When we combine our recent positive outcomes with our past achievements, and take a moment to SAVOUR these, we are allowing acceleration towards personal growth and development.  This in turn flows onto others within our environment and impacts their behaviours and responses.


But BEWARE... if our focus is still on how far we have to go and what we have NOT yet achieved, then there is a tendency towards low levels of achievement and the likelihood of failure!

Which FOCUS do YOU CHOOSE?... The achievements you HAVEN'T made, OR The ACHIEVEMENTS you HAVE made?


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Three ways for you to incorporate optimism into YOUR DAY?

  1. Set one realistic goal for the day. Take time to think about how you will achieve it? What do you need to do? Who do you need to include? You may achieve additional goals as well, and  remember we are setting ourself up for SUCCESS.
  2. Incorporate your strengths into your daily tasks. Know what your core strengths are and incorporate them at the beginning of your day. Are you ‘curious’ – learn something new first thing in the morning, are you a ‘detail’ person – use an intense focus with time to relax in between tasks (then your detail ability will be at it’s best), are you a rapport builder – connect with someone new each day (e.g. say Hi to someone new or create a deeper relationship with a colleague).
  3. Leave your desk and engage your senses. New and creative ideas come to us quicker and easier when we allow ourselves to ease up. Stand up, move away from the desk, walk to a different space (preferably a green one) and engage your senses. Even 5-10 minutes can make a huge difference, clearing the head of the fast pace, high energy, racing thoughts and tasks, which allows for the in-depth, innovative, advanced thoughts to emerge.

  We and others around us are more PRODUCTIVE, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and SUCCESSFUL when we are OPTIMISTIC.

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Christine Burns,   WALT Institute (Women Authentic Leadership Training Institute)