Aspiring Women Melbourne - Exclusive Last Minute Offer for this Saturday 22nd July!!

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When did you last take the time to think about your life and what you want personally and professionally?

Do you know what success looks like for you and how to attain it?

Is 2017 the year you start to live your future?

Aspiring Women is an innovative and interactive professional and personal development program designed and delivered by Psychologist Samantha Young that will help you get to know yourself, define success on your terms, eliminate barriers holding you back and develop a plan to realise your potential.

For more information about this popular workshop visit the Aspiring Women event page here

We are offering an exclusive last minute offer for Women in Focus Members for this Saturday's workshop

Save 50% and pay only $260 per person!!

To snap up one of these exclusive seats, please email Coralie Maloney at by 5pm Tuesday 18th July 2017.  


“Aspiring Women was thought provoking, challenging and provided me tools to focus on my goals, both work and personally”

  Aspiring Women is one of those defining moments in life when you realise it’s time to take action for you”

 “Aspiring Women helped to target goals and really set my mind on fire thinking about the possibilities, something that hasn’t happened in a long time”

 “I am already thinking about life changes that will help me take better care of myself and improve work/life integration”

 “My striving for perfectionism causes me enormous anxiety. Aspiring Women has helped me to face my self-sabotaging inner voice and gave me tools to enable my voice of self-respect to grow”

 “Aspiring Women helps you realise the barriers you are creating and ways to break them. The fact that you share common themes and stories with others at the workshop makes you realise that success does mean different things and that ticking everything off a list isn’t success”