Heal the past, dream the future

Jenny McGregor’s passion is music and her purpose is to help families through the grief of losing a child. This is something Jenny has experienced first-hand after losing her 18 month old son suddenly and unexpectedly in 2010.

She found therapy in music but was unable to find the solace she needed as there was a huge lack of music written about, and by people who had lost a child.

“I turned to music in my darkest moment but traditional love songs just didn’t ‘cut it’. I wanted to hear music that had come from the heart and soul of another grieving parent, someone who understood my pain. I wanted to know that I wasn’t alone and that there was a possibility of hope again.”

Her need to heal, connect and survive through the trauma inspired her to write songs and compose music, which then led to an album. It’s now her mission is to share this album with bereaved parents and families. By launching a kick starter campaign Jenny hopes to raise the funds needed to create and share this album with those who need support and those who wish to support parents and families through the grieving process.

She is collaborating with the Red Nose charity, which offers free bereavement support to those who have lost a child. The album will be free for all parents who access Red Nose and will also be available for sale, with all proceeds going back to Red Nose.

Through her music Jenny is raising much needed awareness by exploring death, a topic that is still taboo in Western society. She feels that it’s incredibly important to talk about death and support people through the grieving process, having experienced first-hand as a Clown Doctor for the Humour Foundation that losing a child is not a rare thing. There are so many parents and families that need help.  

“My album is only one, small, part of the puzzle but it is definitely a piece that is missing for parents that have lost a child. I hope that the music I’ve made helps someone else through their dark times.”

This album is an incredible example of how trauma can transform into purpose and be combined with passion and talent to make a real difference to people’s lives.

The way Jenny composes music is fascinating, it starts with trying to capture a feeling. She’ll sit down at her keyboard and experiment with different chords sequences or riffs. When something sparks her interest she’ll then start experimenting with words and singing.

“Sometimes it can take less than a few hours and other times it develops over a period of days. To be honest, it never really feels like I have made up the song… more like, the song has passed through me and I managed to catch a hold of it!”

Success to Jenny is not about record sales or volume, it’s about creating something she loves and expressing herself through music. Her belief in doing something she loves and truly expressing herself is what encouraged her to embark on this incredible journey. We can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Jenny’s top 3 tips for staying on purpose and pursuing something you love are:

  1. Decide what it is you most love to do and get rid of the many excuses your mind tells you as to why you can't do it.  For example: Not enough time, too old, too young, too inexperienced, other people can do it better than me. Instead, list all the reasons you do like to do that thing, and about all the ways that it makes you feel good/positive.
  2. Don't do the thing you love for the outcome (money, status, credit etc). Do it because it is something that fills you with joy and passion. If you do it for these reasons, the money, success and everything else will follow anyway!
  3. Remember practise makes perfect! Anyone who is seen as particularly talented at anything in this world, did not get there without first putting in the effort. No matter what your craft, you can always strive to be even better... as long as you have the passion!

You can support Jenny McGregor by contributing to her kick starter campaign here.


Well Done, Jenny -

Your music will be greatly treasured by many families and may help with meditation for relaxation, peaceful contemplating, time for healing.  I can also see usage for families with older children who are grieving or families with adult children.  I guess it does not matter how old the child is.  Any suffering and death of a child (for a parent) can be earth shattering and soul destroying.

As a triple cancer survivor, a medical negligence survivor & a transplant survivor - get the tough times and I hope that this project succeeds to raise funds and create healing for many.

Blessings to you, Jenny!!

Warmest regards,

Jodie Guerrero.

Consumer Health Advocate.





Thaank you for sharing your story. As you say, doing something because it inspires joy and passion is a beautiful philosophy to hold. 

Thank you for your story Jenny. A hard one to endure and tell. I don't have my own children so I can only imagine your pain. It sounds like you've found comfort and purpose in your music though, and helping others. Wonderful for you and those you're helping. x