Top TED Talks on collaboration

TED is a constant source of inspiration for Women in Focus as we're focused on collaboration and its infinite benefits for business, the economy, resources, social impact, our communities and us as individuals.

From an early age we’re encouraged to compete - to out run, out think and out perform others who are striving to reach the same peak. We were celebrated when we rose to the top of our class, our sport and our organisation, sometimes irrespective of how we got there.

The tables have turned sharply, mainly due to the rise of social media, and we’ve begun to play much better with others – other countries, other companies and other communities.

In the rapid shift from competition to a spirit of co-opetition, the real winners are small businesses who together are taking on the big players and thriving, companies embracing a more sustainable ‘business as usual’ and consumers ultimately  deciding who they will do business with.

Here are three TED talks that will get you inspired to embrace collaboration across all areas of business and life for our own good and the collective rise of our communities and beyond!  

Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption

In her talk, Rachel Botsman says we're "wired to share" — and shows how websites like Zipcar and Swaptree are changing the rules of human behavior.

Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work

Organisations are often run according to “the superchicken model,” where the value is placed on star employees who outperform others. And yet, this isn’t what drives the most high-achieving teams. Business leader Margaret Heffernan observes that it is social cohesion — built every coffee break, every time one team member asks another for help — that leads over time to great results. It's a radical rethink of what drives us to do our best work, and what it means to be a leader. Because as Heffernan points out: “Companies don’t have ideas. Only people do.”


How to manage for collective creativity

What's the secret to unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work, and giving every great idea a chance? Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of "Collective Genius," has studied some of the world's most creative companies to come up with a set of tools and tactics to keep great ideas flowing — from everyone in the company, not just the designated "creatives."

What are your thoughts on collaboration bringing people and ideas together to solve issues in business, the community, and society?  

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