6 common misconceptions about outsourcing

 Outsourcing. Strangely, while we all know what it means, we are reluctant to embrace the myriad opportunities it can provide us and the wider community.  

That being said, many of us already do outsource our housework, childcare, valet parking, manicures and travel planning. Essentially, all things that we could probably do ourselves, but that we either (a) don't have time for/can’t be bothered doing, or (b) don't have the level of expertise to do well.

The fact is, outsourcing is often a smart way to get stuff done. Still not convinced? Here are some common misconceptions about it that may make you think twice…

1. It’s expensive

Yes, it can be if you compare it to the cost of doing a particular task yourself, which you believe is nothing – right? But what is your time actually worth, what is your charge out rate? If it is more than that of the outsource provider, you might want to reconsider doing the task. Outsource it, get it off your list and move on.

2. They won’t do it like me

Maybe not, but how married are you to the way your doctors appointments are made, or your laundry is folded?  If you have a particular way you like things done, tell them.

3. It will take me longer to explain it, I might as well do it myself

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this I would be a rich woman. There is such a thing as providing too much detail. Remember, you only have to tell a good provider your specific needs once; build the relationship like in any business transaction and you’re good to go.

4. My mother/sister/friends/peers/people will judge me

Who cares! The days of trying to be superwoman are long gone. Just because your mother supposedly managed everything in 1954, doesn’t mean you have to. We are living in different times.

5. Maybe I can get someone offshore to do it, they’ll be cheaper

Sure, that is a great option, but let’s think about how important local knowledge is. If it's lacking, your ability to build a working relationship may be limited.

6. I could get ripped off

As with any provider, you need to choose wisely. Online services where you don’t know the actual provider, or even the highest ranking search on Google will not always guarantee the best outcome. If you need something specific, ask for a referral – I’ll bet that’s how you found your nail technician! Then, do your due diligence, and check if they are insured and have a guarantee policy. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Still not convinced? Through outsourcing, you could also help another woman realise her business dream. For example, you may decide to get a nanny, who in turn gets just the work experience she needs to finish her degree. Or you could get some admin help at home or for your small business, enabling a return-to-work mum to start her VA business.

Outsourcing is the most efficient way to manage our supercharged lifestyles and to help other niche businesses achieve their career dreams. Do it.