Holistic Living Toolkit

POSTED BY: annadiep

As a holistic living coach I’ve often been asked the meaning of holistic living and how to live holistically, so here’s a toolkit to help you. 

Firstly, we are holistic beings. As human beings all parts of us are interconnected – mind, body, spirit, and emotions – because our body affects our mind, our mind affects our emotions, our emotions affect our spirit, and so on. So to live holistically we need to care for ourselves holistically.

 Start by adopting a holistic living approach:

  • Take responsibility for your life and create your own path
  • Honour the commitment to care and support every part of you
  • Open yourself up to change, personal development and spiritual growth

Then introduce a holistic living practice to your daily life:

  • Adopt a holistic outlook – we choose our reality, life is learning, our world mirrors us
  • Care for your emotions – choose to value, support and heal your feelings as a priority
  • Make peace with your mind – learn to meditate and develop supportive thoughts
  • Nurture your body – take responsibility for your physical health and wellbeing
  • Support your spiritual self – choose a belief system that is love-based, not fear-based
  • Make peace with humanity – nurture your relationships, heal the past, create harmony

And the result is – when all parts of us are supported, holistic balance is experienced and a person’s full potential in love, career, health, happiness and inner peace are attained. So practice daily, be patient with yourself, and choose to live a life that fulfils you completely.

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