Welcome to CommBank’s Women in Focus, a collective of businesswomen from all walks of life, industries and sectors. Since 2010 Women in Focus has been creating powerful experiences that enable women to thrive in business.

We do this through our national events program, our digital channels and by connecting you to the resources, insights and expertise of CommBank.

We believe success lies in the power of connections and collaborations that are brought to life through our own community and through our partnerships with Business Chicks and Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Hear from Nicole Brown, Head of Women in Focus, on the many ways we can support you, your career and your business.



Find inspiration

The Women in Focus community is rich with helpful articles, community stories and shared experiences to inspire you and help you grow on your business journey. Find inspiration in stories of the many courageous, resilient and tenacious women working to close the gender gap. You can browse, or actively contribute your own opinion, across all areas of the community.

Grow your business

Building a thriving business takes more than just a great idea, it takes a lot of hard work and a financial partner who shares your vision of success. Whatever stage you’re at, we have the specialists to help shape the future of your business. Ask how we can connect you to the resources, insights and expertise of CommBank.

Connect with others

When you connect with a new community you never know what opportunities can arise - you might meet a new customer, advisor, mentor or even just make new friends. Women in Focus provides a valuable and authentic support base to help you on your business journey. Find an event to attend in your area, or even run your own and share it in the community.




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