Melynda Carpenter
Head of Women in Focus

Mel is the team rock, always looking out to make sure everyone is happy and thriving - from the team, to our stakeholders and most of all, our community. Mel has been with the team since its inception when she used to bring in her baby boy, Billy, and he would attend our meetings, sleep at the desk and go for rides with the mail delivery. Mel is our connection into the broader CommBank network of bankers and specialists. Whatever you need to help your business thrive, Mel is always there to lift you up.


Kylie Green
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Kylie has recently stepped into the role of Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications while Emma is on secondment, and we couldn’t imagine a better fit for the team. Kylie has been a passionate and engaged member of Women in Focus since day one, and she brings with her a wealth of experience in marketing, mentoring and networking. Kylie is mad about horses, horse racing - even horse movies! She’s seen Phar Lap over a dozen times, and still cries at every viewing. She’s Mum to the gorgeous Addison, whom she conceived via donor conception, and has proudly mentored several women who have chosen to walk the path of solo parenthood. Kylie has an intrepid spirit and has visited 42 countries – but Addison is swiftly catching up with 9 countries in her first five years!


Emma McDonald
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

(Emma is currently on secondment, and will be returning to the Women in Focus team in 2018)

Em is our spectacular marketing maven, she gets to spread the Women in Focus word far and wide. Her vast experience in digital marketing and community building means she knows exactly what will resonate with our members – if you’ve seen one of our print or digital ads, that’s Em’s clever handiwork. Good coffee is the way to her heart and she’s a strong believer that three coffees is the perfect amount. Em practices yoga twice a week to “keep her sane”, and on a weekend you’ll find her in her garden or having a blast with her three gorgeous kids. 


Anita Kelsall
Digital Product Manager

Anita is our dedicated, clever and talented Business Analyst who makes magic happen behind the scenes so our members have the best possible experience in the online community. She also manages our productivity and drives innovation jams where we create incredible experiences for members. Anita makes processes, data and insights infinitely interesting and, with a passion for economics, if she wasn’t here she would be analysing the stock market over at CommSec! Constantly quenching her insatiable thirst for knowledge, Anita is the best library customer ever. She also loves to relax with friends, family and great food.


Grace Bowe
Partnerships Manager

Grace is the ultimate Women in Focus team member, we managed to convert her from a community member to a colleague in June 2014 and we have never looked back. Grace looks after our partners with the most warm and professional manner and is always the top go-to person if you need help. A successful entrepreneur herself, Grace brings creativity, humour and positivity to the team every day and gives us an insight into the world of a business owner.


Natalie Candarakis
Digital Editor

Natalie is our wordsmith, image curator and storyteller. She patiently unjumbles our words, rights our grammar and punctuation and brings to life the many wonderful stories and features across the site and through our social channels. Nat has an infinite passion for learning and she’s currently completing her Masters in literature. You’ll often find her at events absorbing information while thinking about how to creatively share it and tweeting simultaneously. Nat loves to travel and has a reverence for nature and the wild outdoors, and like Hemingway, one of her favourite writers, a trek into the wilderness is a common weekend pursuit.


Ruth Lyons
Client Experience Manager

Ruth is our Client Experience Manager. Although small in stature, she has the biggest personality and heart of us all. She’s the one who you’ll most likely speak to on the phone (in her very distinct and gorgeous Scottish accent) and anyone who ever has any interaction with her will always feel so much better for it. Ruth has an infectious laugh, and is devoted to finding ways to enhance members’ experiences and finding innovative means to support their business journey. At the weekends you may find Ruth enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir, a home cooked meal and being sociable with her many friends, family and her cat Brian.


Zoe Tubbenhauer
Digital Producer

Zoe is our Digital Producer and works across graphic design and social media to ensure our online community sparkles. Zoe gets through work at lightning speed and loves all things digital media. After work you’ll find her immersed in artistic pursuits, or soaking up her local live music and art scene.



Teaghan Mills
Event Manager

Teaghan is the Women in Focus Event Manager, responsible for pulling off flawless events for the Women in Focus community enabling them to connect, learn and grow. Teaghan has worked in the Women’s Leadership space for a number of years and enjoys the high-pressure environment that events bring. Teaghan enjoys all things food and wine and as a keen traveler is always planning her next trip away.